The Grand Department Store

The Grand Department Store is the heart of the Town. It is adorned with fancy decorations and golden engravings; the revolving door spins round and the manual lift can carry figures to the upper storey for the ultimate shopping experience.

You can open and close the main building to enjoy different layouts, just like the one above.

The rooms can be filled with contents from the Boutique Fashion Set, Cosmetic Beauty Set, Fashion Showcase Set and the Chocolate Lounge (all sold separately).

You can also customise your Grand Department Store by replacing the windows, fences, and awnings included with the building (all sold separately).

Create your own townscape by combining the Grand Department Store with other buildings like the Delicious Restaurant, Creamy Gelato Shop and Delicious Restaurant.

There is also an all-in-one set called the Grand Department Store Gift Set – this includes the Grand Department Store structure and four boutique stores to go inside, as well as a Stella Chocolate Rabbit Sister figure to complete the Town.




Welcome to the Sylvanian Families Town

Our new Town has official opened, yippee! Shall we take a tour before it’s bustling with Sylvanians?

Let’s hop on board the Ride Along Tram to travel around the Town. Don’t forget to say a cheery “Good morning” to Theodore Maple Cat, the tram driver who is in charge of taking you on all the adventures.

On your left, you can see the Grand Department Store: the heart of the Town. We’ll take a peek in there later – a good browse around the Fashion, Cosmetic and Beauty Boutique is just what Mother Chocolate ordered! When we’re done, we’ll pass by the Chocolate Lounge for a cup of acorn tea and a sweet nibble.

Now, if you look to the right, you can spot the Designer Studio. This is where Stella, Freya’s older sister, works, making beautiful dresses and garments come to life from just a simple sketch in her workbook. We’ll pop by after a spot of afternoon tea to see if Stella’s all set up for the grand opening. She’s such an inspiration!

Oh, how could I forget! Keep your eyes and ears open for the sound of music while we’re venturing around... Lionel the Lion is the Town’s pianist and he’s been practising every day to make your visit one in a million!

Take a peek ahead of us and you’ll be able to see – and smell - the Delicious Restaurant. *belly rumbles* You’ll know the head chef well; Frasier Chocolate serves the finest food and invents the tastiest tasting menus you ever did see.

If you pop your head round to the left, you’ll be able to spot the Creamy Gelato Shop. In the summer months, we’ll be going there A LOT. What could be better than a gelato in the golden sunshine? The Tram we’re on often does gelato on the go – the counter just slots in simply between the doors so, if you fancy an afternoon treat at work, you can quickly nip out as it travels around the Town.

Well, we’re nearly coming to the end of our tour little one. How are you liking the new Town so far?

Before we hop off at the next stop, there are a couple of store owners that you just have to meet. This is Lulu Golightly and Laura Cakebread – the older sisters of Tiffany and Melinda. I’m sure you’ll all be the best of friends!

Now, why don’t we all catch up over a spot of afternoon tea? My tummy is calling out for a macaron and there is a rainbow of colours to choose from. What a treat!




White Mouse Family

Meet the Hawthorns White Mouse Family: Father Hickery, Mother Imogen, Brother Bryce and Sister Laurel. You’ll spot them a mile off as their fur is as white as snow and their ears as pink as candyfloss. They’ll usually be spotted running around the fields playing games – all as one big family.                                                                                                                                             Hickery is a cheerful entertainer and likes to make everyone around him feel happy. His magic skills ensure he can often be found entertaining other Sylvanian residents with his amazing tricks. No one can ever work out how he does the tricks, and when asked, his response is always “It’s just magic!”                                                                                                                                                                                              Imogen loves to talk on the phone – she’s always advising customers at work who are looking for a new car so they can take their family on an adventure. She always has the right suggestions and makes lots of new friends through her job. In her spare time, she loves to map out the family’s next camping adventure.                                                                                                                                                                Bryce is popular at school. Cheerful and full of good spirit, he likes making everyone laugh by telling jokes. He sometimes giggles a little too much in class but always apologies if a teacher is speaking at the same time. Bryce’s hand is the first to go up when a question is asked and even if his answer is not quite right, his friends admire his enthusiasm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Laurel always does things her own way. She’s always on an adventure -either real or imaginary - and can’t wait for the next one to start!


In the Woods with the Buttercups


Alphabet in the Woods

Playing in the woods is so much fun; you can’t leave a leaf unturned in case there’s something amazing to discover underneath! Why don’t we play a game? Can you think of something relating to the woods beginning with each letter of the alphabet? Go on, it’s easy once you get started.

A for adventure: don’t forget to look in every nook and cranny!

B for berries: perfect for putting in delicious pies. Yum!

C for camping

D for discovery

E for exploring

F for forest

G for green grass

H for hikers: bring your walking boots and let’s hike on an adventure!

I for insects

J for jay bird

K for kite: fly it high in the sky but avoid trees!

L for ladybug

M for magnifying glass: we don’t want you to miss anything, do we?

N for nuts

O for oak

P for pinecone: why not take some home and decorate them?

Q for quiet

R for rustling: did you hear that?

S for sticks

T for tent

U for undergrowth: explore the bushes and see who’s hiding in them!

V for violets

W for woods

X for x marks the spot: going on a treasure hunt in the woods: you can make an X out of twigs or leaves.

Y for yellow buttercups

Z for zip-wire: weeeeeeeeeeeeee!




Nursery Friends

It’s the start of a new school year and the littlest ones in Sylvanian Village are hopping with excitement - this year they begin nursery! They’ve got new matching uniforms – which look very smart indeed – as well as a pencil case full of coloured pencils and textbooks all ready to go, plus all the accessories they could need. How exciting!

Let’s take a look at the set:

The Nursery Friends Set comes with three baby figures – Crème, Ambrose and Bonnie - and a selection of accessories for them to wear, plus a mini catalogue.

 The accessories include a blue bear-shaped water bottle, a yellow sunhat and a pink school satchel. Aren’t they sweet?

The accessories match perfectly with the new nursery uniforms and coloured shoes! Why not swap them around so everyone gets a turn with an accessory?

The Nursery Friends Set is available to buy HERE.




Geronimo Festival 2017

Hello there, my little buttercups!

I’ve been awfully busy recently organising some exciting things for this summer. Want to hear about the best thing I have planned? Ralph, Tiffany and I are going on an adventure to Geronimo Festival! It’s our first ever time so I’m hopping with excitement!

Geronimo Festival is in the lovely green countryside of Cheshire and has something for everyone to enjoy – live music, a funfair, book readings, a circus, comedians, activity workshops, tasty food stands and much, much more! Make sure to come see our extra special performance on the main stage, with lots of catchy songs and fun dancing. Don’t worry if you miss it though, as we’ll be wandering around the festival throughout the day - why not come say “Hello” and have your photo taken with us?

The acorn on the cake is that we have some exclusive goodie bags to give away, but hurry, as we only have a limited number! I’d love to see you there so take a look HERE for tickets and more information.

Freya Chocolate




Village Cake Shop

The Toy Poodle Family has moved into Sylvanian Village and opened a brand-new shop – the Village Cake Shop! Doesn’t it sound delicious?

The whole village was intrigued about what the new shop would be and the children peeked through windows every day, hoping to get a clue. All they could see was that the shop was very grand with white-as-snow walls and a pink pointed roof, the same colour as candy floss. It made their tummies rumble with excitement!

Then, one fine day when the tulips had bloomed and the sun had his hat on, the delicious smell of cakes baking wafted through the village and the secret was out! Oh, what joy it bought to the village.

Shall we take a look inside?

The Village Cake Shop has 90 pieces including all the equipment you need to get baking, like a piping bag, tongs and a whisk for mixing. It also includes Veronica Cakebread, the Toy Poodle Mother.

The set comes complete with 11 varieties of cake, various cake stands, and lots of beautiful decorations like strawberries, picked fresh from the garden.

The cakes are beautifuly decorated and can be built up into tiers or displayed as layers. It’s up to you!


There are lots of individual pieces to help build the cake - shortbreads, strawberries and chocolate toppers which can be embellished with golden stickers to give a luxurious touch. Gosh, maybe we should try one? 

This charming cake display table and traditional shop counter are important assets, so that all the delicious cakes can be displayed proudly.

Like the houses and buildings in Sylvanian Village, the Village Cake Shop is connectable to help build your community. It connects easily to the Cosy Cottage, Beechwood Hall, Cedar Terrace, Brick Oven Bakery and Boutique – why don’t you give it a try?

There’s lots of space inside the shop, mostly for cake, and frames which you can stick the ‘Today’s Specials’ stickers to.

Also included in the set is Veronica Cakebread, the Toy Poodle Mother, who is the best baker in town. She comes with The Special Cake story book which can tell you all about the opening of the shop and the adventure Veronica embarked on to create her first cake.

Hip, hip, hooray! The Village Cake Shop is now open for business so why don’t you pop by and say “Hello”? Grab yourself a little treat while you’re there! Remember to eat it after you’ve finished your lunch, though.


The Village Cake Shop is now available to buy HERE.


Baking with the Brambles


Making Bread

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning – particularly in the Sylvanian Village!

Would you like to learn how to make your own loaf of bread as a special surprise for Mother when she wakes up? Let’s get started then… pop your apron on and off we go.


What you’ll need to bake bread:

500g strong bread flour

7g sachet fast-action dried yeast

1 tsp salt

300ml hand-hot water

2 tbsp sunflower oil

1 tbsp honey



Tip the flour carefully into a bowl and mix in the yeast with the salt. Stir in the water, oil and honey - try really hard not to spill any! Now, using your paws, bring the mixture together to make a soft dough. Tip on to a lightly-floured surface and knead for 10 minutes – if your arms are starting to hurt, you can always ask an adult to help.



Put the dough into an oiled bread tin and cover with oiled cling film (this part is a little bit messy so make sure you’re wearing your apron!). Position in a warm place until the bread fills the whole tin; this should take between 1-2 hrs which will give you enough time to go and play while you wait. Squee!



Uncover and bake your bread at 200C/gas 6 for 30-35 minutes until it’s turn golden like a sunflower.



Tip your bread out of the tin and tap the base of the loaf. If it sounds as hollow as a tree, then it’s perfect!


Mmmmmm, my tummy is rumbling just thinking about it! Stop by my house with a slice when it’s ready, would you?




New story has been added!!


For Sale


Village Cake Shop

Oh hello there, it’s been a quite a while since we last saw each other! How are you enjoying that little Convertible of yours? Oh, splendid, you drove it here today, did you? How wonderful, I’m glad you’re having lots of adventures in it.

You’re looking for something extra special this time? Well, look no further! The new Village Cake Shop will have you busy as a bee!

The Village Cake Shop comes complete with all you need to get your paws baking straight away, including a selection of utensils such as a piping bag, tongs and a whisk for mixing. We’ll even throw in some pretty gift boxes as a little treat for you, how does that sound? There are some delicious toppings too and 11 varieties of cake to get you started.

All this talk about cake is making me hungry…

As you’ve probably seen while you’ve been shopping today, the Village Cake Shop has a pretty-in-pink triangular roof which - I have to say - is the icing on the cake! You’ll take it? Perfect. If you ever have some spare crumbs lying around, you know where I am.

See you soon!