Community Guidelines

■ Community Guidelines for the Official Social Media Account

In order to make it clear for everyone, our official account, EPOCH.CO.,LTD., which can be found on the official website, has formulated community guidelines.

The list of the official accounts which are being operated by our company follow below.

To get started, please take time to read the Terms of Use and Agreement which consists the community guidelines for each social media account.

We use the official account of our company to deliver and spread information about various products that we offer in the market

■ Before you can use each social media official account, you must first comply and agree with the Terms of Use. In case there are separate community guidelines that have been established, you are also required to comply with those.
Within the official accounts, you are allowed to do posts, make comments, like and share.

■ Take considerable time in reading and understanding the rules. By agreeing to the community guidelines, information about you including your registered name in the social media, your profile picture, gender, networks, user ID up to your friend’s list are made public and accessible to all the users of the official account.

■ Disclaimer

  • Our company holds no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information that has been posted on our official account.

  • We are not responsible for the damage or trouble that might arise between users and third parties.

  • Even though the official account is available, we hold no responsibility for damages to users caused by lack of completeness and accuracy of posts on the official account.

  • The official account is operated by each social media management company. However, questions about the technical aspects and system operation status of each social media, including how to use the software and apps will not be answered.

  • If you are not ready to compromise, you can write that in your thank you note.

  • When you post in the official account contents such as software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, page layout and design, users can include the copyright, trademark, rights to service marks and patents to ensure that you are protected by other proprietary rights and laws.

  • It does not assume any responsibility for the content posted on the official account by the user.

  • The official account can be deleted or terminated by the management team without notice.

■ Deletion Standards

The official accounts welcomes post from everyone. However, to make this community healthy, abusive posts are filtered and deleted by the management team. These prohibited posts include destructive comments about our company, third parties, infringement of the content, slander or posts which violates privacy, human rights, etc.

  • The contents include introduction about the products, the stores and the companies. It also includes a commercial act of propaganda, etc.

  • Inappropriate contents which consist of obscene representation, impersonation, political activities, election activities, writing involved in religious activities false contents that can be misleading can be charged with criminal acts in compliance with the public policy or law.

  • These acts fall under the violation rules in the Terms of Use and Agreement:

  • Uploading of files that contain a computer virus or spam

  • Any act breaking the portrait rights and other intellectual property rights of our company and those of the third parties

  • Uploading contents that are damaging the honor and credit of our company or a third party

  • Contents that are not relevant to the official account

  • Information that are deemed inappropriate by the official account's management team

■ About Intellectual Property Rights

Contents uploaded by users which include the copyright can not be used by another user for advertising and other sales promotion purposes, duplication , display , publication , publication , exhibition , distribution , exhibition , public transmission , adaptation , etc.To those who are granted with rights to do so and with the knowledge of our company, contents are available and free of charge.

Please also be aware that once content is used, our company will display the user’s name.

■ Terms of Change of Services

These guidelines can be modified without the user's consent.

■ Relevant inquiries about the official account will be attended.

Individual inquiries about the official account and other inquiries regarding the product will be answered in the official website of the company.